Cyber Attack on Prague Airport could be Precursor to follow up at Heathrow, Barajas and other major hubs

Terminal 1 Prague airport when open Credit: Gforce800 CC

THIS weekend, cyber security officers identified a number of attempted attacks on web pages at Prague’s Vaclav Havel airport which has been closed for more than one month.

It would appear that malicious hackers have chosen the Czech Republic as a target to test how easy it is to break into various ‘secure’ sensitive sites with attacks also being made on three hospitals as well as the airport.

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The Czech cybersecurity agency Nukib has warned that the country is expecting “a large-scale campaign of severe cyberattacks” which are being undertaken by what is described as a “serious and advanced adversary.”

According to international experts, hackers include cyber criminals and government-backed spies who have been targeting businesses, governments and healthcare organisations, aiming to steal sensitive information related to the outbreak.

Happily, the Czech experience showed that these hackers are not all powerful but it may be that they were testing what was considered a possible ‘soft target’ with a view to moving on to more lucrative options such as the UK and Spain.


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