All political parties join together to sign Javea pact, pledging generosity and unity to beat Covid-19 and its aftermath

JAVEA PACT: Spokespeople for all parties on local councillor, credit: Javea town hall

NATIONALLY Spain’s political parties might be incapable of agreeing an anti-crisis pact but Javea politicians have managed it.

Spokespeople for all parties represented on the local council recently signed a document listing 20 pandemic-fighting measures.

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“On taking this step we must now set to work in an unprecedented social reconstruction,” the document stated, adding that this would have to be achieved “without leaving anybody behind.”

The signees to the Javea pact also agreed to ensure that the crisis did not hit the usual victims, “skilled and unskilled workers, the self-employed and small business-owners.”

The pact also pledged to help families “the safety net for so many”, as well as the young and the elderly, stating that the public would not consent to most vulnerable having to pay the price of the pandemic.

“This is the time for generosity and unity,” the text declared.




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