Alfaz town hall provides speedy help for State of Alarm needy by streamlining red tape and paperwork

Vicente Arques speaks to the Press, credit: Alfaz town hall

ALFAZ Town Hall assisted 30 emergency cases in 10 days with assignments of €300 each for three months.

Mayor Vicente Arques revealed that €30,000 has been set aside for this purpose: “What we have done, and it is quite an achievement, was to streamline procedures and make payments within five days.”

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Arques also revealed that the town hall did not intend to make an allocation specifically for emergency cases.

“For town halls like ours that do not have debts it’s not in our interest,” he explained.

“It is quicker to put through a Budget modification, making the relevant budgetary changes and seeing how we can hurry through allocations.”

The mayor pointed out that Alfaz had received a €38,000 grant, also earmarked for emergency help, from the Diputacion provincial council and another €47,000 from the regional government.

Meanwhile, Mayor’s Office councillor and a Diputacion councillor, revealed that the provincial council is preparing a €3 million help package, and Alfaz can expect at least €38,000 that will be used for Home Care and other vulnerable cases.





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