A Short Burst of Rain flooded a town in Northern Spain in Minutes

One of the flooded streets Credit: Twitter

AS if there wasn’t enough with the coronavirus, what might be considered another of the ‘plagues of Egypt’ caused immediate problems when it rained in the town of Villamuriel de Cerrato (Castilla y Leon) yesterday (Sunday April 19).

There has been an ongoing problem with a narrowing of the banks of a stream which runs into the Rio Carrion and whenever very heavy rain falls, it immediately overflows and floods the town.

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Reports suggest that although the rainfall lasted just a few minutes, it was so heavy that the inevitable occurred meaning that firefighters from the city of Palencia were called out and with the assistance of local residents managed, with some difficulty, to combat the deluge.

Apart from flooding in one of the main streets, a wall collapsed under the force of the water and an underground car park was flooded as were the grounds of the local school.


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