A letter from Chef Steven Saunders FMCGB, owner of The Little Geranium La Cala de Mijas, Spain

Steven Saunders, staying safe! Credit: Facebook

Food is our medicine

Are we all being conned by the Covid-19 hype?

I am a chef, not a virus expert a scientist or a biochemist but I want to share with you all a story.  Over 20 years ago I met a man called Dr Arpad Pusztai, he is a world-leading protein expert, a biochemist who worked and specialised in tumours and cancers. He told me his story of feeding normal healthy baby rats a potato diet. Some of the potatoes were organically produced and some potatoes were produced with the normal amounts of chemicals and pesticides. He had two batches of rats one batch eat organic, one batch eat the regular potatoes. After a few years, the rats who had a diet of chemically produced potatoes developed cancerous tumours and their growth was stunted.  The ones that were naturally fed by organically produced potatoes did NOT develop the tumours, they were normal and healthy.


Originally, Dr Arpad went to the press with his findings but was warned by a multi-million dollar chemical company to retract on his findings as they were not conclusive. In one of our meetings, he took a call. I remember him holding the phone near to my ear so I could hear for myself. They said … “If you go ahead with your publication of the findings you and your family could be at risk and you will lose your job.” I wanted to report it at the time, but he advised against it saying that I should promote healthy eating, more natural foods, organic and free-range and focus on that. That is what I did. Over 20 years ago I did some filming for a TV show, I was called The Green Gourmet.  The show was never aired because in it I referred to Pusztai and the possibility of cancerous tumours from the use of too many agrochemicals. I worked tirelessly away at getting people to eat better, but I gave up because at the time it was like spitting in the wind.

I am writing this because in the last few weeks I have been trying to what is really going on. I have no personal agenda here. I am just a regular guy, a chef, a foodie and someone that loves life and loves living healthily which is what brought me to Spain in the first place.  There are nutters out there, many conspiracy theories and then there are the scientists with their own agendas and the pharmaceutical companies who earn trillions out of us being sick.

There is a virus, yes and it can be deadly, but the agenda here is to sell you the antivirus! As I write this article there are 157,000 deaths worldwide, however, the population of the world is over seven billion so the percentage of deaths from this virus is relatively small. I have heard many times that some hospitals are getting incentives for putting deaths down to Covid-19 even though they may not be, I am unsure how true this is.

However, 20 years ago my scientist friend was not wrong about his concerns about those who threatened him.  He fled back to Hungary with his family leaving years of his hard work on cancer research behind him because the regime did not want a cure. There is too much money to be made on the therapy. My message is a simple one. Eat well, eat healthily, eat as much organic food as you can afford, grow your own if you can and exercise regularly.  A natural, healthy and organic diet has been proven time after time to help us overcome various diseases and illnesses and extend our lives. Whilst we could say that the regime is trying to kill us off, as we are overpopulated, we can beat them if we remember that food is our medicine!




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