A knife-wielding son threatening his mother screamed “kill me if you can… I have coronavirus” before choking a police officer trying to arrest him in Spain’s capital Madrid

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A police officer in Madrid was strangled while trying to take knives off a detainee who was threatening his 61-year-old mother, while shouting “kill me if you can” and “I have coronavirus.”

THE National Police now have the 26-year-old in custody after being called to the family home in the Moncloa district where sources claim he was threatening his mum with two knives.

But before they managed to arrest the suspect, he tried to choke one of the officers by grabbing him by the neck.

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The incident occurred yesterday at 11.30pm in the Paseo de la Florida.

The son was wielding two knives, one of 24 and another of 21 centimetres, and when the police arrived he reportedly tried to use them to avoid arrest.

“Kill me if you can,” he challenged the officers, waving the knives around.

After managing to snatch the knives from him, the man grabbed one of the police officers by the neck to suffocate him and both fell to the floor.

At this point, another officer stepped in and managed to restrain the detainee.

The mother of the arrested man reassured the officers, saying her son had no symptoms of being infected, but is an alcoholic.

She said he had already threatened her on “several occasions.”

The policeman is said to be in “good condition” although suffered dizzy spells “due to suffocation.”

The suspect faces charges of threatening behaviour and assault against a police officer.


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