Spain package disinfection payment message ‘phishing’ identify theft scam

CON: The message claims the victim could face a financial or legal penalty CREDIT: Observatorio de Delitos Informáticos de Canarias - ODIC Facebook @ODICANARIAS

AS online shopping surges under the coronavirus lockdown, a new identity theft scam has appeared to con consumers concerned about a risk of infection.

The ODIC Canary Island cybercrime observatory has identified a ‘phishing’ attack in which a text message or email appearing to be from a delivery service asks for a €1.40 payment to disinfect a package.

There is in fact no such package, but the communications look authentic enough. They instruct the victim to click on a link to a website and act immediately or they could face some kind of financial or legal penalty.


Again, the web page looks like a genuine site. But if the victim falls into the trap and registers their personal details, the cybercriminals use the information to steal identities, sell it to third parties or for other fraudulent actions, the cybercrime observatory warns.


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