Coronavirus: Is this where it all started? Shocking photos from inside Wuhan lab in China show broken seal on a fridge that stores 1,500 virus strains


Smuggled out pictures from a lab in Wuhan China reveal a shocking truth that this actually could be the place where the coronavirus virus escaped from.


US President Donald Trump himself continually portions the blame of the coronavirus pandemic and has very recently said China “should face consequences” if they knowingly covered up the outbreak.

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Now, new secret pictures from inside Wuhan’s secretive Institute of Virology show a broken seal on the door of one of the refrigerators used to hold 1,500 different strains of the virus, including the bat coronavirus which has jumped to humans with such devastating effect.

The pictures, originally released by the state-owned China Daily newspaper, were published on Twitter last month, before being deleted for the second time. One comment attached read: ‘I have seen better seals on my refrigerator in my kitchen.’

It is understood scientists now believe the deadly virus could easily have escaped from the unit and was nowhere near the International standards used all over the world to carry out research on life-threatening contagions.

Recent estimations of the worldwide cost to economies from the effect of the coronavirus come to almost 10 Trillion Dollars.


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