Balearic government appeals to EU for coronavirus crisis recovery plan for Spain holiday islands Mallorca and Ibiza

UNIQUE CASE: The Balearic president said the islands’ dependence on tourism mean the reactivation of the region’s economy will take longer CREDIT: Goven Illes Balears @goib

THE Balearic government has appealed to the European Union for a specific recovery plan for the islands so they can climb back from the economic and social crisis created by the coronavirus.

Balearic President Francina Armengol has sent a letter to European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen arguing that the archipelago is a “unique case within Spain and Europe and needs responses and unique, adapted plans.”

Aremengol insists that as well as regional and State resources the islands will need additional resources from Europe to overcome the impact of the health emergency.


“The EU has to help the regions which like the Balearics will suffer more. If Europeans do not mutually support each other, if they do not move forward at the same time, they will lose everything”, the Balearic president maintained.

“The islands need a protective Europe and Europe has to demonstrate that it is a true union. No citizen, worker of company of any region can be left behind. The well-being and opportunities of everyone have to be guaranteed.”

Armengol points out that while the Balearics is not suffering a Covid-19 health crisis to the same extent as other regions of Spain, the islands’ dependence on tourism and the impact of coronavirus on their main European visitor markets means it will take “more time” to reactivate the region’s economy than elsewhere in Spain or Europe.

The Balearic administration estimates the islands GDP will fall 30 per cent due to a fall in consumption, investment and tourism demand.

Armengol ended by expressing the archipelago government’s support for the initiatives already promoted by the EU and for the launch of the Marshall Plan proposed by Spain’s President Pedro Sanchez, which would involve a major programme of public investment to stimulate EU-member state economies


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