Coronavirus: Queen Guitarist Brian May blasts Uk Government over unnecessary deaths of frontline NHS workers


Queen guitarist Brian May has launched a scathing attack on the government saying its a  “national disgrace” that doctors and nurses are dying on the coronavirus frontline due to the lack of proper protective equipment.

THE legendary axeman went on to say that NHS staff battling Covid-19 are paying the price of years of neglect.

He said he was deeply concerned about the dire lack of face masks, gloves, and garments, May said:

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“I just wish we were taking better care of them. I wish they had proper PPE [personal protective equipment] and I wish they’d been better equipped.

“Unfortunately, the NHS was run down for many years before this happened. And this is the price we pay. The actual lives of these wonderful people who are putting themselves at risk every day.

“Thank God we’ve woken up and we can give them the proper support they need. I hope they get everything [they need].”



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