British Expats in Costa Blanca Community in Spain Told Not to Let Their Guard Down


THE mayor of a Costa Blanca community in Spain, which is home to many British expats, has told them not to let their guard down over following the State of Alarm rules.

José Sampere Ballester is mayor of San Fulgencio, which has a large British presence on La Marina urbanisation.

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It was recently reported that many of the isolation rule breakers are non-Spaniards in the San Fulgencio municipality.

Sampere Ballester has said that the lockdown laws are worth it and are having a big impact in reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

“The news over new infections is positive, thanks largely to the extraordinary co-operation of our citizens over confinement, safety and hygiene,” the mayor stated

“We must NOT let our guard down and think we can now leave our homes. As the threat of infection still exists, we must continue being responsible, staying at home, and following all the rules.”

Sampere Ballester said that in conference calls with his fellow mayors and the Torrevieja Health Department, the number of new positive cases of Covid-19 has fallen dramatically.

He observed that many of those are isolating at home rather than going to Torrevieja Hospital, which means that pressure on the hospital is being greatly reduced.

The mayor added that free masks will soon be available to anybody aged over 65 years of age or for certain people with pre-existing conditions.

They would just have to go to their local pharmacy and present their SIP Card, but San Fulgencio Council would announce when the supplies have arrived in the area.


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