WATCH: Poignant port tribute on Spain’s Costa Almeria to lives lost to coronavirus

IN MEMORY: All the port workers joined in a minute’s silence to remember the Covid-19 victims CREDIT: Puerto de Almería Twitter @puertodealmeria

ALMERIA and Carboneras ports have paid their own poignant tribute to the lives which have been lost to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday the two ports staged a minute’s silence in memory of all the Covid-19 victims, and all the ships in dock sounded their horns and sirens.

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Staff and workers employed by the Almeria Port Authority or working at the ports downed tools to take part. Also keeping a minute’s silence were the port service employees working at home, who connected via Skype.

Port Authority president Jesus Caicedo has announced that all the ports’ flags will fly at half-mast “until there is a State funeral” for the people who have died from “this damned virus.”


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