Spanish Train Operator Renfe requires Phone Numbers for All Passengers during State of Alarm

Telephone numbers required for all travellers Credit: Creative commons

WITH effect from next Monday (April 20) train operator Renfe will be introducing personalised tickets for users of its AVE, Alvia and Euromed rail services as well as trains with reserved seats.

The intention is that passengers will be required to give telephone numbers when making reservations so that the company is able to contact them in the event of a health alert or any other problem with the service.

Initially it will operate for passengers booking online directly with Renfe or through its App as well as station ticket offices.


In short order it will be extended to include sales through travel agents but in accordance with current data protection legislation.

The company suggests that this service will be for the benefit of both passengers and train staff in the event that it is known that there has been a case of Covid-19 on any service.

During the current coronavirus state of alarm, Renfe confirmed that it complies with the health recommendations on social distancing between travellers and advises against traveling except for reasons that cannot be postponed.


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