Spain Balearic and Canary island holiday hotspots united on holding back on airport and port reopenings

COMMON APPROACH: The two presidents want a longer period of isolation from the exterior. CREDIT: Francina Armengol Twitter @F_Armengol

THE Balearic and Canary Island governments are united on holding back on reopening their ports and airports until last once the State of Alarm restrictions on movement are lifted.

The leaders of both regional administrations called on the national government to make their respective archipelagos’ ports and airports the final infrastructure to get back up and running normally.

Balearic president Francina Armengol commented following a videoconference meeting with her Canary Island counterpart Angel Victor Torres on Thursday that the two regions are taking a common approach “to protect our workers, reactivate our economies and achieve a controlled de-confinement adapted to our islands.”


Armengol and Torres discussed the special circumstances of the Balearics and the Canaries in terms of the damaging impact of the Covid-19 on their economies given their heavy dependence on the tourism sector. They agreed however that controlling the pandemic is the priority and favour a gradual reactivation of activity and a longer period of “isolation from the exterior, which has produced good results,” Torres commented.

Both leaders also want to see health checks on passengers introduced once the ports and airports are open again.


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