Just what is wrong with these people?

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Just what is wrong with these people? With thousands dying by the day and millions more infected, we are still getting the purveyors of piffle stringing numbers together in an effort to convince us that these amounts of people would have died anyway!
Just what planet are they on? For heavens and sanity’s sake, why don’t they all crawl back into their dens of flat earth fantasy and leave those with even a modicum of common sense to face up to reality and get this devastating conflict over with?  Rest assured, somewhere out there will also be morons blaming the whole pandemic on some alien attack or other.

Ah well, takes all sorts. It’s not only the present situation I find worrying, it’s the aftermath that will see our mental and financial resources stretched to the very limits. I think we need to prepare ourselves for a steep rise in divorce rates, rampant mental issues, family breakdowns and harrowing tales of personal tragedies. Millions of jobs will have been lost, a multitude of businesses will have crashed and we will undoubtedly experience a recession far worse than any we have seen in the past. There will be soup kitchens on the street with food banks and accommodation for the homeless in greater demand than ever. Hopefully, we will avoid rioting and looting in our streets but don’t hold yer breath!

On the positive side, there will be tales of valour, victory, sacrifice and succor. The human race is a remarkable phenomenon and I believe this horrendous experience will make us far stronger and closer together. Recognising our own fallibilities, will, I feel make us completely rethink our priorities and recognize just how fragile our physical being can be. I think we will be more caring for each other, more attentive to environmental issues and certainly more appreciative of our services and medical workers. Although money will obviously be a major concern, I believe people will have realised that wealth, position and worldly goods mean nothing to a bane that can desecrate the human race in a heartbeat and certainly has no respect whatsoever for material power or wealth.


This whole terrifying experience has been an enormous wake-up call. It’s time to step back and smell the flowers.  Time to take a long hard look at ourselves and say hello to the neighbours. An opportunity for those, who will undoubtedly continue trying to segregate and undermine our societies, to be shown once and for all they will not be tolerated – with firm measures implemented to prevent them doing so. The one certainty in all this is that our existence as we know it will never be the same again. We must all take this chance to rethink, replenish our resolve and begin to create a new world order of peace, love and respect for our fellow man. And if it has to be achieved with a dove in one hand and a sword in the other. So be it.

Keep the Faith,
Love Leapy


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