Crazy Coronavirus Law Breaker Boosts His Record in Costa Blanca Area of Spain

Pilar Allue of the National Police dubs it a "dubious honour".

AN Elche man has become an even bigger crazy coronavirus law breaker after boosting his national record of State of Alarm stops to 47 in the Costa Blanca area of Spain.

The 36-year-old was given a spell in prison after hitting the 32-mark, but was released in the hope that he had learnt his lesson.

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Clearly he didn’t, and is back behind bars after he increased his Alarm-breaking total by 15.

His Spanish record during the current crisis was described as a “dubious honour” by the deputy director of the National Police, Pilar Allue.

The man is a drug addict and lives in a depressed part of Elche.

Though he had a permanent address, he was also spending time at a homeless hostel.

Before the State of Alarm, he had already accumulated a substantial police record, and would beg for money from people going into local shops.

His current tally of being outdoors for no good reason, has seen him stopped by Elche’s Local Police 28 times, and the National Police on 19 occasions.


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