Brit in Costa del Sol’s Estepona Arrested as Police Find £200,000 Hidden in His Van

Credit: policia nacional

National Police officers in Estepona, Malaga, arrested a British national for resisting and attacking a law enforcement officer, as well as crimes against road safety when he tried to flee a police checkpoint. Furthermore, officers found £200,000 in hidden in his van.

ACCORDING to the police, the incident occurred on April 8 and the British individual is currently under investigation as when he approached the police checkpoint and realised the police presence, he began to make evasive manoeuvres towards a nearby alley where he was finally caught up with.

The police state that in accordance to the restrictions established in the decree of the State of Alarm and also due to the anticipation of the Easter holidays, they had decided to put up a vehicle control filter in the area.

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Once the van detected the police presence the driver began to carry out risky manoeuvres and drive in reverse, putting the rest of the cars on the road at risk who were forced to move out of his way in order to avoid a collision.

The officers proceeded to stop the man who ended up in a dead-end street where he was forced to stop the car, at this moment the man sat in the passenger seat took the opportunity to flee on foot.

The driver had a very bad and unforgiving attitude which led to the officers asking him to step out of the vehicle and detain him for resisting the law, crimes against road safety and attacking law enforcement officers.

On inspection, the officers found in his van, three motocross motorcycles, tyres, tools, and hidden underneath all of these items, they found a travel bag containing £200,000 which was all seized.

The money has been intervened by the state with the aim of preventing money laundering as its holder lacked the relevant documentation to provide its origin.


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