Australian Toilet Paper Hoarder Demands a Refund on the Thousands of Rolls He Stock-Piled During Coronavirus Crisis


A man in the Australian city of Adelaide has tried to return thousands of dollars-worth of supplies he stockpiled in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, such as toilet paper and disinfectant gel, to a local supermarket.

The director of the Drakes Supermarket, John-Paul Drake claims that this man bought all of the supplies in order to turn a profit by selling them online.

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Unable to do so, as supermarkets have been adequately stocked, the man has tried to return the 132 packages of toilet paper and the 150 one-litre bottles of disinfectant gel that he had previously purchased. According to Drake, the customer even needed a team of warehouse workers to help him load everything he bought, which cost almost AUS$10,000.

When asking for the refund, he admitted that his eBay account had been suspended due to suspicions on his activity. The supermarket then refused to give him a refund and the director has taken the opportunity to make a video and send a public message regarding this issue.

In the video he explains that he “never thought that [he] would be in a situation like the one [he] is seeing here” and that due to this customer’s behaviour they will be placing new limits on refundable items. At one point in the video, Drake is seen giving the middle finger to the camera as a sign of anger at this customer’s behaviour.


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