WATCH: Spanish police eye in the sky scuppers suspected drug traffickers heading to Morocco

RECOVERED: Police believe the two suspects on board were heading to Morocco: CREDIT: Policia Nacional

A police drone used to crack down on drug traffickers spotted two suspects in a 10-foot dinghy sailing through the Doñana National Park area in Andalucia, heading out to sea to ‘stock up on hashish.’

IN a statement, police said the suspects jumped into the Guadalquivir River to try to get away as soon as they realised they were being watched, but police were waiting at the river edge.

The boat was recovered and contained several fuel tanks, warm clothes, a GPS and hermetically-packed food to keep it dry.

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Police said: “The boat, a 10-metre-long semi-rigid inflatable boat, was heading out to sea, presumably to go to Morocco and stock up on hashish and return to Spain.

“This was part on an ongoing operation set up by the National Police in that area to detect the drug gangs that navigate the river to go ashore and unload the drugs.”

Police set up specific surveillance around the Guadalquivir River after learning drug trafficking gangs were unloading their stash, but because of the ‘difficult terrain,’ an eye in the sky is the most effective way to monitor the area.




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