Two Arrests in Spain’s Malaga For Armed Robbery in a Post Office During the State of Alarm

Post office robbery: over 27,000 euros in cash stolen. Credit: Guardia Civil

THE perpetrators planned the assault on a post office in Mollina and carried out the attack with their faces covered and with two knives, stealing over €27,000 in cash. 

The Guardia Civil, under the framework of the ‘Express’ operations, has arrested two men for robbery with violence at a post office in the town of Mollina in Malaga. The two men allegedly threatened and intimated the employees with two large knives.

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The events took place on March 20, in the middle of the State of Alarm, as the Guardia Civil Command received a call alerting them of a robbery at a post office in the Antequera region. According to sources, the assault was perfectly planned.

The robbery was committed by two men who attacked the post office with their faces covered to avoid being identified and obtained over €27,000 in cash and stamps before fleeing in a vehicle where a third person was waiting to drive them. The first two individuals are already in prison.

After receiving the statements from witnesses, the officers learned that the robbers had fled in a white vehicle with a third individual who was waiting for the detainees in the vicinity of the post office. The vehicle rushed to the highway. That same morning one of the robbers was located in a Malaga shopping centre and was subsequently identified and detained. The detainee is a Czech national, is 32 years old and was apprehended with €9.855 in cash which he carried in his trouser pocket along with two knives.

Investigations continued with the purpose of locating the other perpetrator of the robbery and he was finally found the next day in a shelter that was still open because it was housing foreign people who had not been able to return back to their countries. The second perpetrator is a 33-year-old English national who carried stamps worth more than €1,153, several blister packs with coins, the clothing used during the robbery and documents for sending money to the United Kingdom.

Both detainees have been accused of belonging to a criminal organisation and robbery with violence and intimidation and have been denounced for failing to comply with the provisions of the Royal Decree which regulates the freedom of movement of individuals for the duration of the State of Alarm. After being brought to court, the judicial authorities decreed that both detainees be admitted to prison.

Two other individuals are also under investigation, the person in the vehicle who acted as a get-a-way driver and the owner of the vehicle who did not report his car was stolen.


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