Spanish Air force dispatch Military Transport to collect emergency supplies from China


A Spanish Military Defence plane will travel to China on Thursday to collect medical supplies and four machines to produce face masks.

A PLANE from the Ministry of Defence will take off for Shanghai (China) to collect urgently needed medical supplies and four machines to produce masks at a company in Mondragón (Guipúzcoa) and at the Military Centre for Defence Pharmacy in Burgos.

 its largest transport aircraft into a medical one - into a flying hospital with the capacity to transport five critically ill patients and 14 less serious ones.
The Air Force transforms its largest transport aircraft an Airbus 440M, into a medical one.

General Carlos Pérez explained that the plane is scheduled to arrive tomorrow at the Torrejón de Ardoz airbase (Madrid) with a shipment of medical equipment and four machines to produce masks, three of them for a company in Mondragón and another for the Burgos Military Defence Pharmacy Centre.

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He explained that yesterday a total of 4,232 members of the Armed Forces in 224 towns around the country are engaged in the fight against the coronavirus.


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