Spain’s Costa del Sol hospitals breath sigh of relief as Malaga finally in Covid-19 containment phase

Costa Del Sol hospitals breathe sigh of relief as Covid-19 finally in containment phase. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Costa del Sol hospitals breath a sigh of relief as the latest coronavirus (Covid-19) statistics reveal that Malaga is finally in containment phase.

THE latest statistics from Spain’s health authorities show that Malaga has managed to contain the virus. There are now a total 2,363 Covid-19 cases in the province, however, only 42 new cases were registered in the last 24 hours – a rise of just 1.8 per cent – which means that the rate of new infections is slowing down.

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The other sign of containment is that no new cases have been taken into intensive care units (ICU) today. Around 156 patients are currently receiving ICU treatment in Malaga, the same as yesterday. The reduction in both new cases and hospitalisations, demonstrates that the infection is now under control and in containment phase, according to the local health authorities.

However, 10 people died from the disease today in Malaga, taking the total number of coronavirus deaths in the province to 211 since the beginning of the pandemic. Although the number of coronavirus-related deaths has risen in the whole of Andalucia today, the number of people being diagnosed with the disease and needing ICU has also dropped across the whole of the region.

Andalucia registered 212 new cases in the last 24 hours – just a 2 per cent increase – which means the region now accounts for 10,807 citizens infected with the virus. In short, the region of Andalucia is also in containment phase, confirmed the Ministry of Health.


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