Six Health Workers in single Gibraltar Medical Centre struck down with Covid-19

Opening of the Centre in 2019 Credit: Gibraltar Government

WHILST Gibraltar was congratulating itself about the static Coronavirus Covid-19 figures, a sudden outbreak at the Children’s Health Centre at Europort has resulted in six Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) staff becoming infected with the virus with one being admitted to hospital.

The Children’s Hub, which is currently also being used as an emergency outpatients unit, dental surgery and GP clinic, as well as for children’s vaccines, is being decontaminated and should open tomorrow (Friday).

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It appears that some 24 members of staff including four doctors have decided to opt for self-isolation and there is the fear that as the unit has treated a number of people over the last few days that there is a possibility, no matter how slight, of a surge of infections.

At the moment the total number of confirmed cases stand at 131 of which 26 remain active and all others have recovered.


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