Police in Costa del Sol’s Malaga Arrest an Arsonist After Admitting He Set Fire to The Bins ‘To Annoy’ His Father

Credit: pexels

Local Police officers in Malaga have arrested a 42-year-old man, originally from Granada, as the alleged perpetrator of intentional damages and crime, since he acknowledged that he intentionally burnt down a container to annoy his father.

THE incident occurred on Saturday, April 11, at around 7.25am, at 30 Aurora Avenue and police fled to the scene after receiving a 092 call.

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A Local Police patrol alongside another patrol from the Royal Fire Department of Malaga quickly attended the fire and found a person wandering around in the vicinity so they proceeded to identify him and gather his statement.

The wandering individual admitted he had started the fire, which was thankfully intervened by the fire department, with a lighter and that he had done so because he wanted to be arrested because he had gotten into a fight with his father and wanted to annoy him and cause him discomfort for having abused him all of his life.

Given this information and taking into consideration the value of the bin, which is over €400, the Local Police officers proceeded to arrest him and transported him to the police unit where he was subsequently brought to justice.


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