Manager of 24-hour shop in Costa Blanca’s Alicante arrested on suspicion of dealing drugs from the store

ARRESTED: Suspected of dealing drugs from his shop- CREDIT: Policia Nacional

Tip offs from members of the public in Alicante led to the arrest of a 24-hour shop manager for allegedly selling drugs over the counter.

THE 40-year-old Congolese man is suspected of dealing hashish from the shop and has been charged with drug trafficking and a crime against public health.

In a statement, Alicante National Police said “due to the limitations of mobility established by the State of Alarm, drug traffickers, in order to continue their illicit activity, look for other sales opportunities.”

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In his case, the shop manager is suspected of selling drugs in “a camouflaged way,” as though “he was selling food.”

During the arrest, initiated following information from the public, officers found quantities of hashish “prepared for sale.”

He will be dealt with in the Court of Instruction of Alicante.



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