Latest worldwide coronavirus statistics from Spain – Breaking news from the USA – Posted after midnight GMT


ACCORDING to the latest Worldometer statistics (at 02.00am GMT today), more than two million (2,083,236) people have now been diagnosed with the coronavirus (Covid-19) around the world to date, compared to 1,997,666, yesterday. 

Of today’s total, 1,438,297 people are currently infected with coronavirus, of which 51,142 (4 per cent) are in critical condition. Out of the remaining 644,939 cases, 510,329 have recovered or have been discharged. However, 134,610 have died from the disease.

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The US remains the country with the most number of people infected with Covid-19 (644,089), followed by Spain (180,659) and Italy (165,155). The US also incurred the most number of new cases over the last 24 hours (30,206), followed by Spain (6,599), the UK (4,603) and France (4,560).

In the last 24 hours, the US had the most coronavirus-related deaths (2,482), followed by France (1,438) and the UK (761). The US also has the highest number of total Covid-19 fatalities to date (28,529), followed by Italy (21,645), Spain (18,812) and France (17,167). See the complete breakdown below from Worldometer.

Source: Worldometer



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