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Expats from the Costa Blanca to the Costa del Sol worried about their urgent UK mail as 3,000 Spanish Postal Workers get the Coronavirus


Expats from Costa Blanca to the Costa del Sol are complaining they aren’t receiving urgent postal mail from the UK, now we know why…


A TOTAL of 836 Spanish postal workers have tested positive for the coronavirus and 2,197 have been put into quarantine leaving the service grossly undermanned, they simply cannot get the mail out to everyone!

Every item of mail from Telegrams to Marriage and Birth Certificates to precious Passports sent from the UK are being held for delivery somewhere in Spain. Thousands of expats are extremely worried that will not receive Court papers or judgements, possibly leading to massive fines being handed out.

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As most people will know, when applying for Residencia a Hague Postal is often asked for, this is a document that you give to the police to prove your Marriage Certificate is 100 per cent genuine, it has to be applied for, you send the ORIGINAL to the UK and they process it, stamp it, and send it back. Imagine if that got lost!

The Unions

The worker’s unions have blasted the government for allowing their members to go to work without adequate protection. Union organisations have denounced that the Spanish postal service “has hidden the provincial data since April 6, the last date it published it” and what it considers a “lack of transparency” on the part of the company, “which clashes head-on with the policy of transparency from the rest of the Administration and the government itself.”

UGT spokesperson Antonio González explained since the State of Alarm was decreed on March 14, workers have been subjected to unnecessary risks and as they are on the frontline face danger every single day. They do not have the proper gloves, sanatiser gels, no masks, and no garments or suits.

The problem will only worsen until the epidemic in Spain subsides, hopefully soon.







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