Sweden still refuses to go into lockdown despite highest jump in Covid-19 deaths to date

Around 170 Covid-19 fatalities were registered in Sweden today, compared to 114 yesterday, bringing the country’s death toll to 1,203. CREDIT: Pixabay

Sweden is refusing to go into lockdown despite registering the highest number of coronavirus (Covid-19) deaths to date, with shops and bars/restaurants still open. 

AROUND 170 Covid-19 fatalities were recorded today, compared to 114 yesterday, bringing the country’s latest death toll to 1,203.

Sweden’s officials attribute the spike to delays in reporting deaths to the Easter break. It’s not the only country to have experienced delays in reporting real statistics because of the long Easter break – many other European countries have witnessed a similar pattern of spikes in the last 48 hours.


The number of new Covid-19 infections, however, also rose by 482, bringing the overall count to 11,927 from 11,445, yesterday. Yet Sweden remains reluctant to follow the rest of Europe and order a lockdown. Bars, restaurants and shops are still open, as are schools, despite mounting criticism from the country’s leading doctors and academics.



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