Study in Cadiz Province Spain to Find Ways of Eliminating Harmful Pesticides

One of the many open spaces in La Linea Credit: La Linea Council

A TOTAL of €81,000 has been allocated by Cadiz Province to test the effectiveness of a sustainable attack on insects and pests using ecologically sound products.

Whilst a great deal of the funding will be used on farms, an element has been made available to the council in La Linea de la Concepcion in order to focus on non-polluting alternatives to the use of the herbicide glyphosate and other organophosphates, products found in river water and food as they affect, not only the people who apply them, but the environment as well.

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Relevant departments will prepare an inventory of the main uses of herbicides in public spaces and gardens and on plots and sides of roads, so that alternative substances such as acetic acid, pelargonic acid, essential oils, water vapour, hot air, or foam will be applied in these locations to remove weeds.

These actions will be carried out in phases and will begin with the planning and setting of objectives and will end with the preparation of a technical report and the dissemination of the results obtained.


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