Spanish Man dies after using bedsheets to escape from a Hospital in Cadiz, Spain


THE man had been admitted the night before and nurses were alerted to the incident after going to his room and noticing the window open and sheets tied to the bed.

Sources of the Andalucian Health System have confirmed the death of the man and police are investigating.

The victim had used sheets to try to hang down through one of the windows of the Hospital Puerto Real in Cadiz.

It is understood that the man had used sheets from the beds of two rooms, had tied them together and threw them through the window. It was during his descent that, unfortunately, he could not hold on and he fell to the ground, he died minutes later of his injuries.

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At the moment not much has revealed of the man’s age and the reason for the need to escape a hospital he was receiving treatment in.

There will be more to follow on this story, please check back later.


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