Spain’s Costa del Sol Mayor revises annual budget to help most affected sectors – like tourism – by Covid-19 lockdown

Fuengirola's Mayor has revised budgets to provide economic assistance to small and medium firms, particularly in tourism and hospitality, “which has suffered the most” amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fuengirola’s mayor Ana Mula has announced that she has revised the town’s annual budgets that were agreed before the State of Alarm to now help sectors most affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19).

DURING meetings with her business team this week, Mula has confirmed that Fuengirola’s town hall has worked hard to come up with measures and economic packages to help those that have suffered the most during the country’s lockdown in one of Costa del Sol’s most popular destinations.

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These include social and economic packages to help vulnerable families, as well as businesses. She has promised economic packages for local businesses, both self-employed and small and medium sized businesses (pymes), particularly those related to the tourism and hospitality sectors, “which have suffered the most,” according to Mula.

“We have adapted our budget to take into consideration the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on local businesses and families,” added Mula. “What concerns us the most is the safety and security of all our local citizens.”

However, at the same time, Mula said she wants to have in place measures that will help those that need the most economic and social assistance ready for when the restrictions are lifted to help reactivate local commerce. “We are not going to leave anyone behind,” she asserted.


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