Spain’s Costa Del Sol expat community shocked and alarmed at UK flouting fine figures of just 3,000

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THE UK police released figures today regarding the number of fines given to flouters, which shows a big contrast to the approach by police in Spain which shocked expat residents on the Costa del Sol

Fernando Grande-Marlaska revealed 650,000 were fined for breaking lockdown regulations since the start of Spain’s coronavirus lockdown and clearly stated to expats on the Costa del Sol how serious Spain as a nation were taking the Coronavirus.

Spanish police award far more fines than UK.

Today the UK’s National Police Chief’s council revealed that they awarded just 3,000 fines to flouters between March 27 and April 13 to the amazement of expats.

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“They are having a laugh, where’s the control? Surely it should be stricter than that” questioned Terry Rosier of Fuengirola.

Whilst his wife June Rosier said “I spoke to a friend last night in Wales and she said Pontyclun high street was as if the carnival was in town, and there’s only 3,000 fines in the UK?” she said unhappily.

Meanwhile Adrian Beames questioned the number of police available in Britain as he told the EWN “This is down to Boris Johnson and the government, major cut backs mean not enough rozzers on the streets, I see more pass my balcony in 10 minutes here than I see all day in Exeter.

“The difference in numbers immediately portrays the stark contrast between the UK and Spain when it comes to a nationwide lockdown,” said Chris Berry from Marbella who continued “I can’t believe people are not taking the lockdown seriously in the UK especially the politicians and the police force, it’s only a matter of time until the UK death rates zoom past ours here.”

There have been numerous reports of residents breaking lockdown guidance rules across the UK – whether it’s people attending massive house parties or groups flocking to public parks for some sunshine but still only 3,000 fines issued.

Where as here on Spain’s Costa del Sol, we are all aware of their tough imposed lockdown regulations!


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