Spain’s Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol Petrol Stations Virtually Empty due to Coronavirus Lockdown


SPAIN’s response to the Covid-19 crisis has brought a major environmental dividend. with gasoline sales at forecourts collapsing during the lockdown.

The Energy and Environment Ministry in Madrid released figures today (April 15) which showed that the fourth week of the lockdown saw sales slashed by 84 per cent across service stations, compared to the week before the State of Alarm rules were enacted.

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Ironically pump prices have been at their lowest for a number of years, due to disagreements between the OPEC oil producing nations, which were sorted out last weekend.

Government statistics showed that diesel and kerosene sales fell by 62 per cent and 93 per cent respectively, during the week ending April 12, while fuel oil purchases dropped by 20 per cent.


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