Malaga, Spain – cars seen floating down streets as Alhaurin el Grande battered by Storms and Torrential Rain


Alhaurin El Grande residents were awoken in the early of the morning to witness rows of driverless cars being washed down streets in floods caused by storms and torrential rain that shook the town all night long.

MORE than 100 litres per square metre of rain drenched the town in less than an hour, mud and stones formed mountains of slime that meandered down narrow streets, “pushing cars to one side like they were toys,” commented one resident.

Cars that were not solidly parked, with handbrake full-on, were taken for a sloppy ride down to the bottom of the hill, “very surreal to watch” said another local.


The sewage system also took a battering, with “black water” mixing with rainwater fouling the recently disinfected pathways of the mainly British expat enclave.

Maintenance crews were out in force early to repair major cracks in road surfaces and to cordon off dangerously precarious walls that were minutes away from collapsing, albeit into streets empty of local residents still held in lockdown.

Within minutes live video was being streamed on social media. video credit: Facebook





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