Knock, Knock, Jail for Woman in Spain’s Galicia as She is Sentenced to 5 Months for Ringing Doorbells Without Reason During Lockdown

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THE woman had an angry attitude when questioned by police officers and proceeded to insult them, alleging that she was on the streets “because she felt like it.”

A judge in Ribeira, in Galicia’s A Coruña, has sentenced the woman to five months in jail for the crime of disobedience and aggravating the circumstances she found herself in.

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The woman admitted that she dedicated her time to repeatedly ringing neighbours’ doorbells in the Plaza de Vigo de Ribeira for no apparent reason.

When the neighbourhood reported the lady to the police, officers quickly went to investigate and confronted the woman. She replied that she was there “because she felt like it.” Officials warned her that she would be sanctioned if she did not rectify her attitude, but she continued to insult the officers and call them “useless” which then led to her arrest.

The judge denied the option for a suspension of jail time and proceeded to sentence her with five months, which she is now serving. “The illegal and continuous action of the individual, ignoring the serious concurrent sanitary circumstances, has forced us to not suspend the prison sentence she was imposed to” highlighted the judge.


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