American cyber security firm reveals up to half a million Zoom user accounts are for sale on the dark web during Coronavirus isolation period

Taking advantage of video conferencing users. Credit: Shutterstock

American cyber security firm reveals up to half a million Zoom user accounts are for sale on the dark web

WITH the world on lockdown, people have begun to download and use the Zoom application en masse to be able to hold virtual meetings, something that is now more necessary than ever with the necessary social distancing. However, it has been discovered that several hundreds of thousands of Zoom accounts are for sale on the so-called ‘dark web,’ the area of ​​the Internet where hackers access forums where account data has been extracted through less transparent processes and sold to the highest bidder.  Security firm Cyble, has claimed that there are at least 500,000 Zoom accounts currently for sale on the Internet.

In fact, they have noticed how, from April 1, the number of Zoom accounts for sale increased exponentially, and are being sold at a price of $0.002 each, worth around a thousand dollars for hackers.

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Among the information provided with these accounts, you can find for example the email, the account password, the URL of the personal meetings, as well as the host key. This is a six-digit PIN that is linked to the Zoom account and with which you can take control of a meeting. These accounts are not only private accounts, but those of large companies, such as Citibank.

Zoom is far from the only company that has seen how many of its accounts have been exposed, but logically its current high popularity makes it easier for these data to circulate now. The problem with this type of information being sold on the web is that these credentials will not be used only to access Zoom to extort users, but that hackers will also try to enter other websites, apps or stores with this same information to impersonate identities. Unfortunately, we often repeat credentials on dozens of web pages and apps, making it easier for hackers.


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