Tourist Spot on Spain’s Costa Blanca sees Swimmers Flout Covid-19 Isolation Rules

Guardia confront the illegal surfer.

TWO people have been denounced by the Guardia Civil for deciding to get into the water at two beaches in the Guardamar area, as State of Alarm laws were broken.

Authorities were helped by anonymous phone calls coming from local residents that spotted the illegal activities through their windows.

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The first case involved a man who decided to go surfing at a beach area that’s hard to get to, and where cars have no access.

Guardia officers had to drive around the port area of Guardamar and then walk to get to the secluded sandy section of the coast.

The excuse offered by the law breaker was that he didn’t realise that any kind of sporting activity in the sea was prohibited under the State of Alarm.

The second intervention also came in a secluded beach area known locally as Las Casas de Pescadores (Fishermens Houses).

The illegal bather thought he had a good chance of not being spotted because the beach can’t be seen from the main road due to properties blocking the view.

What he didn’t bank on was one of the property owners reporting him to the Guardia Civil.


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