Spanish Government to launch measures of an economic and social nature to help those in need in the face of the Coronavirus crisis

Arrangements agreed for Ingreso Mínimo Vital Puente Credit: Twitter

Spanish government to launch measures of an economic and social nature to help those in need in the face of the Coronavirus crisis

THE Spanish government has reached an agreement with unions and NGOs to launch an Ingreso Mínimo Vital Puente, also called Renta Social Extraordinaria, as an exceptional measure of an economic and social nature in the face of the Coronavirus crisis.
The Renta Social Extraordinaria focuses “on the people who need it most.” In other words, the government will give priority access to this resource to families living in low-income households. A person will be able to access this help if they have an income below €200; Also, according to household income: if the average of each individual is below €450.
It is proposed that these cases receive a benefit of €500 per month for three months. In addition, if there is more than one adult in the home without income, the benefit for that second person will increase by €250 per month.

To this sum, we must add another variable related to the number of minors in the care of a person at risk. In this way, said financial benefit will be increased by €100 per month more for each minor. In the case of single-parent families, it would be €150 a month.
In this proposal, other factors are also considered. If the person claiming this Renta Social Extraordinaria has a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 per cent, the amount they will receive will be €600.
The same happens with those under 18 with the same disability profile: in this case, the benefit will be €120 per month or €180 in the case that the minor belongs to a single-parent family.
For the implementation of this measure, the government considers that the processing of the Renta Social Extraordinaria must be carried out “simply and quickly,” since it understands that, faced with the complete provision of a minimum vital income that “may take months” and there are Spanish families “who are already in a desperate situation right now.”

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