Spain’s Pedro Sanchez Spends €28,000 on Shielding 200 Official Vehicles with Anti-Virus Screens


Pedro Sanchez’s government has spent €28,000 on installing 200 ‘security screens’ on official cars of the State Fleet (PME). This measure has been made through a state emergency route and as a response to the expansion of the coronavirus.

OKDIARIO has reportedly accessed two files from the State Mobile Park which includes the recent contracts from the State Fleet which outline the recent purchase of 100 security screens from the Copy Print Servicios de Repografia SL. There were two contracts, each of 100 orders, so that this purchase would not have to go through public debate.

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The first of these contracts, called ‘Minor Contract for the supply and installation of 100 bulkheads destined for the official vehicles of the PME’ was awarded on March 31 with a total sum of €14,997. The second contract called ‘Minor contract for the supply of 100 bulkheads destined for the official vehicles of the PME’ (Toyota Prius) was awarded to the same company on April 8 for €13,189. Both contracts together total €28,186.

In both cases the State Mobile Park specifies that the “justification for the accelerated procedure” Is due to the “health crisis situation caused by Covid-19”.

These screens create “two independent fields inside the vehicle and avoid physical contact between the two zones.”


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