Spain’s Costa Blanca Elderly Getting Free Coronavirus Protective Masks from Chemists

Ximo Puig speaking after his video conference.

VALENCIA’S President Ximo Puig has done a deal where masks will be available from chemists and at no cost to Costa Blanca residents aged 65 and over.

Puig said that he had reached an agreement with pharmacy representatives across the Valencian region for the distribution to take place.

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Masks will also be sold to the general public at what Puig described as “a reasonable price.”

He stated that his objective was to get the maximum number of masks possible, and that his administration would help chemists in any way possible to build up their stocks.

Puig led a video conference with the pharmacists and Health Minister, Ana Barceló, where he also talked about the arrival of more protection equipment via plane from China.

“We’ve had a fresh shipment of medical supplies which has allowed over 12 million masks to come into the area from Asia,” he commented.


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