Seven crewman fined after lockdown boat party off the coast of Spain’s Ibiza

The islands of Ibiza, Menorca and Palma to welcome German tourists from next Monday June 15. CREDIT: Wikimedia

Spanish police fined seven crew members including an Irishman, for having a boat party while anchored off the coast of San Antonio in Ibiza.

THE Guardia Civil’s Maritime Service yesterday verified “one by one” crew members of 30 boats anchored at the entrance of Portmany Bay, in front of the beach of s’Arenal, ordering them all to stay onboard their own vessels for the duration of the State of Alarm – unless they have government permission to go ashore.

Many of the crew members live on the boats, while others are passing through, but either way, none are allowed to go ashore unless they have express permission from the Balearic Islands Government Delegation, in San Antonio or anywhere else.

Normally, permits are granted to refuel, stock up on supplies or to see a doctor.


State of Alarm measures do not prohibit navigation or anchorage, both of which are legal activities, according to the Balearic Commandant, but “what is prohibited is to disembark without permission and, of course, to meet in the boats.”

The seven dealt with seemingly did just that, anchoring in in the area of sa Punta d’es Moli, for a boat party.

Officers from Ses Païsses denounced the revellers for ‘disobedience,’ one Irish, five French, and one Japanese.

San Antonio Council said the Guardia Civil monitors the bay “every day in order to control the confinement and anchorage” and “with the exception of this particular party on a boat, there is no record of any other altercation of this kind.”


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