Italy Lifts Some Lockdown Restrictions as Bookstores, Stationery Shops and Other Businesses Are Allowed to Reopen

Credit: EFE

Guiseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister, has extended lockdown restrictions until May 3 in order to continue the containment of the coronavirus, however, he has allowed the opening of additional business such as bookstores.

“It is a difficult and necessary decision for which I take full responsibility,” announced the prime minister in a statement to Italy which outlined that the restrictions, which were initially meant to expire on Monday, April 13, had been extended to May 3.

However, he pointed out that a few businesses would be allowed to open starting Tuesday April 14, such as bookstores, stationery shops, children’s clothing stores and some others which are added to the usual essential necessity shops.

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Conte celebrated the committee of scientists who advise him that Italy’s curve shows optimistic results since it illustrates “evident indications that the measures taken are working.”

However, he reinforced the need to keep people in their homes, “we cannot jeopardise the sacrifices made because then all the positive results we have achieved could be lost,” he said.

Italy hopes to enter phase 2 of the gradual opening of the country after May 3, but pointed out that only when they see a significant improvement of the situation, could they even think about restarting some sectors.


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