Expats on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol Horrified at Allegations that UK Government has Stopped sale of Protective Clothing to Scotland and Wales

A properly protected nurse Credit: Twitter

ALTHOUGH the Scottish government says that it knows nothing about this, it is alleged that Public Health England has instructed suppliers of personal protective equipment (PPE) not to send certain items to Scotland or Wales and to only supply in England.

This belief is based on a statement made on the website of Gompels HealthCare in Wiltshire which supplies a large range of materials to care homes including gloves, gowns and face masks which said about one particular item “You must be registered and operating within England – apologies to Wales and Scotland, we are told you have different processes for getting emergency supplies.”

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This was then raised in a BBC interview with Kaye Adams when Dr Donald Macaskill, CEO of Scottish Care said that he understood that priority was being given to NHS England and English care homes and that he had received reports from a number of different sources that this was the case.

As health workers all over the UK have been complaining about the shortage of PPE as they tackle coronavirus Covid-19, this type of decision if true is bound to cause a major scandal especially as Scotland could argue that its nationals are being penalised for voting in the main for the SNP at the last election.


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