CORONAVIRUS INDIA: Police officer’s Hand Severed Off by Ceremonial Sword


AN Indian police officer’s hand was chopped off with a sword during an attack by members of a Sikh warrior sect while he was enforcing coronavirus lockdown measures.


Harjeett Singh, an assistant sub-inspector on the Punjab police force, and other officers stopped a vehicle Sunday in the Patiala district carrying seven members of the Nihang, a minority Sikh warrior sect. The vehicle had just ploughed through a police checkpoint set up in the town to enforce the lockdown.

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When the officers asked for curfew passes, one of the men whipped out a sword, amputated Singh’s hand and injured six of his fellow officers.

It is understood that five of the seven arrested men were a part of the gang that launched an unprovoked murder on a police officer earlier that week.

The video was posted on social media. Warning, contains graphic content.

The officer is making a steady recovery after he underwent a seven-hour operation to reattach his hand.

The incident took place when restrictions are in place in the state because of the coronavirus outbreak. India is currently under the biggest lockdown with around 1.3 billion people asked to stay home.




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