BREAKING NEWS: Lockdown on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca likely to last until June

Breaking News In Spain

SPAIN’S President Pedro Sánchez is set to return to Congress next week to ask for another lockdown extension until at least May 11.

Sánchez is planning to return to Congress next week on April 22 to ask for another State of Alarm extension for at least 15 more days, four days before the current lockdown is due to end.

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Given that Spain is now the second country in the world after the US with the most Covid-19 cases, and the third country in the world with the most coronavirus-related deaths, the President has stated he needs to see a “clear downward trend” before the restrictions can be lifted.

Sánchez not only wants to see the number of people infected with the disease reduced, but also the number of cases needing intensive care, as ICU departments are still under strain. Today, Spain registered a higher number of deaths than yesterday, with 567 deaths in the last 24 hours, taking the country’s total death toll to 18,056 to date. The number of people infected with the disease also rose to 172,541.

Although, the government has hinted at potentially easing restrictions in the coming days, such as allowing parents to take children for a walk, it looks as though the lockdown is set to continue for a while yet. To avoid overcrowding during the May bank holidays, it’s highly likely that the government will strategically wait until at least the beginning of June to fully lift the lockdown measures.

In fact, experts have already indicated that if Sánchez continues to follow the Chinese model, lockdown is actually unlikely to end before the end of May. So with some luck, we may see some normality at the beginning of June.



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