UK Mountain Rescue Team and Paramedics Waste Hours Searching as Woman Broke Lockdown to go Rambling and Injured Herself

The team searching for the injured woman Credit: OMR Twitter

THE Oldham Mountain Rescue (OMR) team have advised that because of the stupidity of one woman going out for a stroll as it was sunny they had to send out a team to find her and bring her to an ambulance which was waiting to treat her.

In all, 18 searchers and paramedics were involved in a three and a quarter hour operation on Blackstone Edge near Rochdale as the woman had called in to report that she was injured.

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The searchers had to comply with social distancing requirements as they set out in the dark and had to ensure that all of their equipment was properly cleaned and sanitised both before and after they went out.

A spokesperson for the OMR team once again urged everyone in the area to Stay at Home.


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