Spain’s Costa Blanca Sees Town Doing Home Delivery of Protective Masks to Stop Covid-19 Spreading


DOLORES Council will be distributing home-made masks to every address in the municipality.

The masks have been made by volunteers with largely-donated materials and door-to-door deliveries will start tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14).

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Dolores mayor, Joaquín Hernández, said: “Thanks to the wonderful solidarity of everybody involved in producing the masks, we will now make sure that Dolores residents have an element of protection when it is necessary to go out.

“I give all of our thanks to everybody who has cooperated in trying to overcome this major crisis.”

The masks are reusable and should be washed regularly with hot soapy water.

It’s also been pointed out that the masks are not for professional health use, as they only reduce the risk of contagion, but do not eliminate that possibility.

Joaquín Hernández also reminded Dolores residents not to leave their homes during the State of Alarm unless it was “absolutely necessary.”


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