Residents on their balconies help police catch suspected drug dealers who sped through State of Alarm controls on Spain’s Costa Blanca before crashing after police chase and fleeing on foot

ARRESTED: Two suspected drug dealers speed through control and crash aftrer police chase (file photo)

Police have made two arrests – thanks to help from the public – after a car with drugs on board sped through a State of Alarm control in Costa Blanca’s Alicante, ran red lights and crashed into a garage after a police chase.

THE pair then tried to make a getaway on foot, but residents on lockdown tracked their movement, yelling to the police on the ground.

Officers from the National Police’s District Police Station North of Alicante were checking vehicles on Friday, April 10, when a car occupied by two people approached.

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They gave the signal to slow down to check if “their movements were justified,” and according to sources, the driver made a gesture to comply with the order and slowed down, but as soon as he passed the control line, he accelerated and fled at “high speed.”

Immediately, several patrol cars took pursuit as the suspect car “ran several red lights, drove on the wrong side of the road and ended up crashing into a garage door.”

The two occupants, aged 20 and 24, got out of the car and tried to make a getaway on foot, but residents on their balconies due to lockdown, guided officers who followed them through several streets before capturing them in a doorway.

The detainees were reportedly carrying different amounts of cocaine and hashish in different wrappings, leading police to believe they were “intended for retail sale.”

Police sources said the driver did not have a driving licence and the vehicle had been taken without the consent of his former partner, who had a restraining order against him for ill-treatment.


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