French repatriation Flight comes under fire at it lands in the Congo to pick 100 French citizens.


A Chief Sergeant on duty at the airport brigade in Pointe-Noire Airport in the Republic of the Congo is being held responsible for the damage to the fuselage of the plane.

THE sergeant reportedly took aim and fired the at the Airbus A330 type aircraft as it was touching down, he is presently being questioned as to his motive behind the senseless act.

The aircraft had taken off from Paris airport (Charles de Gaulle) covering flight AFR373V, to perform a repatriation flight for stranded French citizens. The airline has deployed another aircraft to carry out the humanitarian flight while they find a solution and repair the damaged A330.

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Damage to the fuselage on any aircraft is very serious as it affects cabin pressure and also could cause damage to the avionics leading to a catastrophic crash.

A team of technicians has been sent to PNR on board a Boeing 777, which it is hoped will pick up the 100 French citizens anxiously waiting to return home.



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