BREAKING NEWS: Gender violence under coronavirus lockdown as husband suspected of pushing wife out of window of third floor apartment in Spain

Pandemic underlines why domestic violence requires urgent action
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A MAN suspected of killing his wife by pushing her out the window of their third floor apartment in Valladolid is under arrest.

Police detained the husband in the Pajarillos neighbourhood in the early hours of today, Monday.

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According to some press reports the man behaved aggressively towards the arresting officers and has a record for similar behaviour. It was also reported the couples’ neighbours said arguments between the two were not uncommon and that they had overheard a fierce row shortly before the wife plummeted from the flat.

However it appears the 56-year-old woman had never reported her husband for abuse, and the authorities made it clear the tragedy is under investigation and that no hypothesis has been ruled out.

Just two days ago police arrested a man in Sevilla for holding his 30-year-old partner against her will for several days, reportedly out of jealousy. He was accused of taking away her phone and belongings and threatening to kill her. Eventually she managed to escape and go to the police.

The Spanish government has set up emergency centres and shelters for women who are victims of gender-based violence and who are trapped at home with their abusers under the State of Alarm restrictions on movement and with no place else to go.


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